Round tables encourage socializing among your guests and create a traditional, timeless feel, especially for weddings and galas.

Exclusive Tip: Drape each table in a shimmery floor-length linen and add a solid satin linen of ¾ or half-drop length over the top for a chic accent!


1/2 Drop

Corner Drop

3/4 Drop​

3" From Floor​

Floor Length​

Table SizeSeatingLinen LookLinen Size
48″ Round Table6 People
Corner Drop 12″ drop, corners almost to floor72″ Square Linen
3/4 Drop 21″ drop, 9″ from floor90″ Round Linen
Floor Length108″ Round Linen
60″ Round Table8 People
1/2 Drop 15″ drop, 15″ from floor90″ Round Linen
3/4 Drop 24″ drop, 6″ from floor108″ Round Linen
Floor Length120″ Round Linen
72″ Round8-10 People
Corner Drop 12″ drop, 26″ drop on corners90″ Square
1/2 Drop 12″ drop, 18″ from floor90″ Round
3″ From Floor 27″ drop120″ Round
Full Length132″ tablecloth