Eventful Rental

Eventful Rental began as a small part of a construction rental business started by Harold and Allena Hemphill back in July of 1987. At that time, 95% was devoted to construction rental, and the party side consisted of some tables and chairs, candelabras, one heart shaped arch, and a punch fountain. Fast forward 20 years, and Harold and Allena’s 3rd son, Darick, decided that joining the family business would be a good idea. Noticing that there were limited options for party available in Springfield, he decided to increase the inventory, and Eventful Rental was born! Focusing on quality and offering the latest trends in party rental, Eventful Rental grew quickly. Darick’s wife, Amanda, came on the team two years later, and since that time, they have continued to increase the number of staff, amount of inventory, and improve the quality and styles offered. Starting in March of 2019, Eventful Rental moved out of a smaller warehouse and into a new, larger facility, where they continue to serve clients and help them bring their ideas to life!

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